Bloom Energy Moves Out Of California

July 9, 2012 Comments Off on Bloom Energy Moves Out Of California

Bloom energy cells, at one point of time were found only in California but today the company’s installations have come up in places like Utah, Delaware and North Carolina. One of the deliverables that the company has promised is to bring down the price of its fuel cells.Once this happens, it will become easier and more affordable for more people to adopt this green technology and contribute to the greening of the planet too. One of the data centers that is in the news is eBay and its facility in Utah. Bloom has installed 6 megawatts of Bloom Energy servers in this facility and the fuel cells are all set to provide primary power to the data center.

In its own headquarters in San Jose, Bloom has installed a 500 orthopedic systems fuel cell which has been operational for over 2 years now. Another data center that is using Bloom cells is the Apple facility in Maiden.

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