Why Hosted Virtual Servers are Hot?

September 25, 2012 3 Comments »

More Control, Security, and Cost-Savings

Research shows that about 70% of a typical IT budget in a non-virtualized datacenter goes towards just maintaining the existing servers, with little left for innovation. This has made organizations start to consider server virtualization to help lower costs, improve efficiency, higher availability, faster recovery, and also free their IT admins from spending so much time managing servers rather than innovating.

The benefits of hosted virtual servers are not only limited to saving cost of buying new servers or reducing clutter in your server room. There are many other benefits that an organization can enjoy after virtualizing servers:

  • 60-80% utilization rates for x86 servers (up from 5-15% in non-virtualized PCs).
  • Cost savings of more than $3,000 annually for every workload virtualized.
  • Ability to provision new applications in minutes instead of days or weeks.
  • 85% improvement in recovery time from unplanned downtime.
  • Being able to power down servers without affecting applications or users.
  • Increase in service availability while eliminating error-prone manual tasks.
  • Turn the datacenter into a “green” datacenter while decreasing costs and improving service levels.
  • Ability to run applications on fewer physical servers and dramatically reducing hardware, software, power, cooling, and datacenter space costs.
  • Strong backup and recovery with the virtual machine’s hard drive image file. And the ability to restore the virtual machine to its original state by simply restoring a single file.

Virtual servers can also help in delivering built-in availability, security, and performance across the board, from the desktop to the datacenter, enabling IT staff to handle double or triple the number of servers, giving users access to the services they need while retaining centralized control.

Now consider for a moment if instead of buying new servers for your next roll-out, you dipped your toe in the cloud. If you are leveraging business provisioning and have your applications and hosted virtual desktops running in the cloud, not only will you process data faster, but you will not have to transmit data across the network where it could be exposed to security issues. Beside productivity gains, you will enjoy huge savings in operational costs.

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  1. Aaron Fuerst September 27, 2012 at 8:36 pm -

    I was hoping that this article might actually have some information relevant to its headline; I was consequently disappointed.

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