AWS Data Center Outage And The Customers

July 16, 2012 Comments Off on AWS Data Center Outage And The Customers

Just last month, Amazon Web Services or AWS suffered a couple of outages that left quite a few of their customers including big names like Instagram and Netflix in the lurch. The question being asked of late is whether the clients had some amount of responsibility in this outage. According to Ospero CEO, Jason Currill, blame is to be placed on both sides. Amazon has issues with redundancy and the customers failed their own clients by improper planning. The organizations must look at cloud providers as a utility and cater for failure. AWS did release a list of reasons why things went wrong and the power outages occurred.

The genesis seems to be an electrical storm in northern Virginia. In a chain reaction, the resultant lack of power led to the failure of the EC2 and Elastic Block Storage. For the customers of AWS, Currill advises against putting all eggs in one basket and they should instead look at creating redundancy too.

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