Applications Of Splunk Live DC

June 25, 2012 1 Comment »

Technology finds its greatest potential in the user community. An event like Splunk Live DC therefore is an example of such an event where the user is the main focus. Splunk as a capability focusses immensely on the user. Three use cases of Splunk therefore came into the limelight at the event.Cisco used the technology to bolster the operations of the CSIRT or Cisco Computer Security Incident Response Team. The CSIRT was able to look for anomalies by gathering event data and enjoying a holistic approach to the same.

The FDA used Splunk for their Microsoft Exchange App and was able to monitor email messages and policy enforcement. Defense Point Security used Splunk to deliver Big Data and enhance user experience as well along with offering better reliability.

Splunk is all about searching machine data and deriving information that can be actioned upon. This software has certainly found major support in the above three customers for its ability to handle machine data effectively.

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