Africa And Cloud Computing

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The IT community in Africa is rising massively as far as cloud computing is concerned. This is primarily because technology has yet to find a foothold in this continent and if cloud computing can show progress here then it becomes easier for it to find a foothold in the world. Africa is the least computerized continent and also has the lowest density in terms of telephone network. There is a huge projected growth in mobile technology though and ironically, the 138 million mobile users, the estimated numbers for 2015, will not have electricity.

While cloud computing may not be able to work miracles as far as remedying the many problems that beset the continent, an IT revolution of sorts should be able to not only connect the continent in a better manner but also serve as a testbed for the cloud. It can help foster social change and better community health and welfare. On a larger scale, the learning from this experience could be applied back into other places across the world too.

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