Adaptive Computing Integrates Key Updates into Its Moab Cloud Suite, Enabling Customers to Maximize the Benefits from Cloud Implementation

June 19, 2012 1 Comment »

Adaptive Computing, managers of the world’s largest supercomputing systems and experts in cloud management solutions, today announced enhancements to its Moab Cloud Suite that improve customers’ ability to transition quickly to the cloud, and improve service design and delivery. Moab Cloud Suite 7.1 makes it easier for administrators to create sophisticated policies and optimize cloud performance.

“IDC forecasts that spending on private cloud management solutions will increase at a compound annual growth rate of more than 29% between 2011 and 2016 and Enterprise IT environments embrace self service provisioning and automated dynamic scaling of resource consumption across an ever widening range of applications and workloads,” says Mary Johnston Turner, IDC Research Vice President, Enterprise Systems Management,  “Solutions such as Moab Cloud Suite 7.1, that can extend policy based automated provisioning and self service capabilities across a wide range of new and existing infrastructure resources will help IT decision makers to quickly implement their cloud private management strategies”

“We recognize the challenges organizations face as they move to the cloud, and we’re demonstrating our commitment to solve these issues by continuing to enhance our cloud offerings,” said Rob Clyde, CEO, Adaptive Computing. “Our Moab Cloud Suite is designed to enable organizations to make the most of their current IT investments while enjoying the benefits of emerging technologies.”

The Moab Cloud Suite now features several enhanced key features that improve its overall functionality and maximize intelligent cloud deployment and performance, including:

Simplified Policy Management Dashboard

By creating simpler dashboards, Adaptive allows administrators to more easily develop and fine-tune their policies. The visual interface lets administrators see at a glance the information needed about each policy, and newly simplified controls show potential conflict between different policies. The dashboards include the most commonly needed policies, including:

  • Auto VM Migration
  • Hypervisor Allocation Overcommit
  • Migration Exclusion
  • Node allocation

Simplified Reservation Management Dashboards

For future projects or groups that require critical SLAs, administrators may need to create and manage guaranteed service reservations. Moab’s simple Create Reservation Manager makes it easier to handle the entire reservation process, and the new View Reservations dashboard provides a single place to view details for all current reservations.

Extended Auto Provisioning Methods Speed Service Design and Delivery

In addition to configuration-based templates, Moab Cloud Suite 7.1 allows administrators to take advantage of VMware image templates for quicker provisioning. They can create a new service template by importing images from VMware, or import it directly into the service workflow process, eliminating the need to store images in multiple places.

Robust Visibility and Enhanced Accounting Flexibility

New accounting capabilities provide more efficient usage accounting with sample configurations to help determine the most effective accounting model, as well as the ability to automatically schedule and see notifications of accounting events. The charge rate table also includes more granular conditional usage rates, providing additional accounting flexibility for customers. And the ability to switch between different clusters in the interface improves overall accounting visibility.

Moab also provides robust visibility into cloud operations, as well as Splunk®-ready event logging to help improve performance and security, and to trace issues with jobs. The event logging structure also makes analysis faster with the integration of intuitive field mapping of events data.

Moab Cloud Suite 7.1 will be released in July.

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