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About Us - The Data Center Journal

The Data Center Journal

The magazine portal that provides resources and information that are essential to the data center industry. We present significant data center information that is helpful for systems deployment and operation. The Data Center Journal specifically focuses on the three important areas of a successful data center: Facilities, Design, and Information Technology.

The Data Center Journal

We provide datacenter solutions that can help harmonize and integrate critical systems, prevent risks, and generate faster, more energy-efficient and secure services. We do that by tackling the issues that affect the design, business, and daily operation of a data center.

We feature unbiased editorials on the latest in the industry, including data center solutions, significant breakthroughs, trends and more. Every month, we provide data center knowledge on various areas such as Management, Telecommunications & Network, Security, Hardware, Architecture, Fire Protection, Research, Business Strategies, Mechanical, Electrical, Monitoring, and even life outside data centers.

Our Goal

We aspire to present data center solutions that can be helpful in maintaining the continuity and efficiency of data centers.  An integral part of our goal is to keep you up-to-date by providing in-depth information, practical solutions and insightful views. If you wish to learn more about datacenter solutions or if there are other tools you need for your data center, please let us know. Send our team a message at info@datacenterjournal.com today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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