Is Network Security Attainable? Supercomputers Hint at Slowing Moore’s Law Does Anyone Really Want Innovation? Industry Outlook: End of Windows Server 2003

Is Network Security Attainable?

In the wake of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) breach, which exposed sensitive records of more than 20 million government employees and contractors ...

Supercomputers Hint at Slowing Moore’s Law

The performance of the world’s fastest supercomputer (according to the Top500 list) has plateaued in recent years, raising the question of what’s causing the deceleration ...

Does Anyone Really Want Innovation?

Innovation: governments, companies and individuals may talk a good game, but when it really happens, the complainers line up around the block. Consider Uber, for ...

Industry Outlook: End of Windows Server 2003

Industry Outlook is a regular Data Center Journal Q&A series that presents expert views on market trends, technologies and other issues relevant to data centers ...

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Four Things to Consider When Making Your Enterprise Network Mobile Ready

July 27th, 2015

Mobile-device adoption for day-to-day business activities has been on the rise thanks to BYOD, smartphone proliferation and high-speed wireless networks. According to ABI Research, the number of active wireless connected devices is expected to grow from 13 billion in 2013 to 40.9 billion in 2020. That’s massive! Today, users are no longer tied to their desktops or laptops thanks to mobile technology. They can reply to important business emails, access their CRM systems, collaborate with peers a[...]

Is Network Security Attainable?

July 23rd, 2015

In the wake of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) breach, which exposed sensitive records of more than 20 million government employees and contractors (past, present and prospective), the matter of security has grown even more urgent. But the OPM attack was simply the latest and greatest in a string of high-profile incidents targeting big-name retailers, government agencies and even, ironically, security companies. Even cheaters recently discovered the dangers of two-timing on the Internet,[...]

What the New California Title 24 Requirements Mean for Your Data Center

July 22nd, 2015

The latest 2013 revision of the California Energy Code (Title 24 of the CA Code of Regulations, Part 6) contains implications for the way we cool data centers, server rooms, MDFs, IDFs, and just about every other computer room in California. These new regulations have produced a significant amount of speculation, confusion and misinformation in the marketplace as they apply to data center cooling. As a result, some California companies with dedicated IT space have[...]

Supercomputers Hint at Slowing Moore’s Law

July 21st, 2015

The performance of the world’s fastest supercomputer (according to the Top500 list) has plateaued in recent years, raising the question of what’s causing the deceleration in progress. In addition, the signs of a slowing Moore’s Law continue to proliferate, with Intel delaying production of its next-generation 10nm process technology. The heart of the issue may be that physics filled the gas tank of technological development around the turn of the twentieth century, and we’re now running[...]

Embrace Hybrid IT and Lead the Pack

July 20th, 2015

Whether you are leading an enterprise with a significant virtual infrastructure footprint or a small data center, there’s a high likelihood you are considering cloud-based computing technologies. Like most others in your position, you have to support diverse applications and end-user requirements with a range of technical, service-level, regulatory and cost constraints. A variety of needs usually results in a variety of solutions, which requires a hybrid IT infrastructure—one size rarely fits all. Although most ent[...]


Avoiding the Pitfalls of Construction Contracts

July 20th, 2015

Now that you have at least a skeleton data center design in mind and you’ve chosen a general contractor to handle the project, you must address the legal side: the contract. The construction contract is ideally intended to protect both sides of the arrangement from the vagaries of the other a..more...

Press Releases

CyrusOne Expands Global Data Center Interconnect Network Footprint with BTI Systems

July 27th, 2015

BTI Systems, a market-leading provider of cloud and metro networking software and systems to content and service providers around the world, today announced that global colocation solutions provider CyrusOne (NASDAQ:..more...

Virima Launches FastPath Discovery Package

July 23rd, 2015

Virima Technologies, a leading provider of data center transformation services and software, today unveiled its new FastPath Discovery Package, a bundled services and application offering that provides IT organizations with..more...

Structure Research Publishes Singapore Data Center Supply Report

July 21st, 2015

Structure Research, a next-generation research firm focused on the global data center, hosting and cloud infrastructure services industry, today announced the release of its Singapore Data Centre Supply Report. This 54-page..more...

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