IT Wages: Which End Is Up? Why We Need Strong, Unfettered Encryption Technology and Gender in Context Who’s Responsible for Data Center Energy Efficiency?

IT Wages: Which End Is Up?

Sifting through the raw data on wages for IT and, more broadly, STEM is a tough job. Perhaps that’s why reports are so contradictory. For ...

Why We Need Strong, Unfettered Encryption

The value of data is often in its limited dissemination. In other words, protecting data is frequently the same as protecting value—as in a credit-card ...

Technology and Gender in Context

Technology companies don’t hire enough women (or minorities). Or at least that’s the operating assumption of many media reports, company boilerplate and political sloganeering. The ...

Who’s Responsible for Data Center Energy Efficiency?

Greater energy efficiency is a laudable goal, but it is not and cannot be the chief goal of business. There’s always room for greater efficiency, ...

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How Optical Transceivers Affect Server Technology

May 4th, 2015

Data centers are processing tons of data and need to retrieve the data at record speeds. This situation requires that every aspect of the design be optimized, including optical transceiver technology. Since most data centers are connecting at 100 Mbps or higher, all optical transceiver technology, including 10 Gbps, must meet the increasing demand for bandwidth. The technology needs to meet the bandwidth requirements not only for storage and switch applications but also for server[...]

IT Wages: Which End Is Up?

April 30th, 2015

Sifting through the raw data on wages for IT and, more broadly, STEM is a tough job. Perhaps that’s why reports are so contradictory. For instance, according to the Computerworld IT Salary Survey 2015, average total compensation rose 3.6% year over year; PayScale, however, reports that IT salaries in 1Q15 have increased only 1.7% year over year. In addition, the battle over the ostensible STEM shortage rages on, with both sides claiming the other is o[...]

Connecting the Hybrid Cloud

April 29th, 2015

The “cloud” is no longer an enterprise aspiration, but a reality. Unfortunately, reality is messy. The adoption of cloud services, including fundamental storage and compute functions as well as software-as-a-service applications, has added significant complexity to the business of enterprise IT. There’s no one-size-fits-all type of deployment, and many companies have increasingly gravitated toward a mix of public and private cloud technologies. By implementing a hybrid cloud, companies can gain efficiencies from shared infrastructure while also maint[...]

Why We Need Strong, Unfettered Encryption

April 28th, 2015

The value of data is often in its limited dissemination. In other words, protecting data is frequently the same as protecting value—as in a credit-card number, a trade secret or even medical information. Recent events ranging from the Edward Snowden revelations to increasingly frequent security breaches at major organizations (private and otherwise) has raised awareness of the need for strong encryption. Unfortunately, however, not everyone is on board: government agencies—law enforcement in particular—regularly express concerns over [...]

Optimizing Data Center Operations

April 27th, 2015

Organizations that process large amounts of data are continually seeking ways to squeeze more capacity out of their data centers. As network demands from customers, partners and employees continue to increase exponentially, the amount of data transmitted at the business level is soaring. Thus, today’s data center managers face considerable challenges in ramping capacity to handle business operations into the future—a tall order that requires significant planning and a sound understanding of all the options ava[...]


Simplifying Infrastructures: Rules for Success in the Data Center

May 1st, 2015

    As the data center market continues to grow, the trend to improve efficiency, increase reliability, decrease the footprint for critical infrastructure, and reduce capital costs continues to be a focus for data center engineers. In years past, many of these goals were compromised to achieve others. As reliability increased, so..more...

Press Releases

451 Research Cloud Price Index: Private Edition—VMware, Red Hat and Microsoft Currently Better Value Than OpenStack Distributions for Total Cost of Ownership

May 1st, 2015

451 Research launched its latest Cloud Price Index, the most rigorous and comprehensive analysis of the cost of cloud computing. For the first time in the industry, buyers have complete..more...

Cumulus Networks Extends Power of Linux Across Entire Rack With New Cumulus Rack Management Platform Product

April 27th, 2015

Cumulus Networks, provider of the Cumulus Linux operating system for open networking, today announced the new Cumulus Rack Management Platform (RMP ) OS for out-of-band management switches. Developed in response..more...

Abacus Group Named a Top Cloud Provider by FTF News

April 22nd, 2015

Abacus Group, a leading provider of hosted IT solutions for hedge funds and private equity funds, today announced that it was named a top cloud provider by FTF News in..more...

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