Talking Intellectual Property Technology Won’t Replace Humans Data Centers: Polluters or Just Consumers? Why Passwords Won’t Die

Talking Intellectual Property

The ongoing technology patent wars, apparent abuses by patent trolls, absurd intellectual-property (IP) claims and so on have done at least one good thing: they ...

Technology Won’t Replace Humans

Looking back at the way the Industrial Revolution altered the market for many job types, it’s easy to extend that thinking to the “Digital Revolution” ...

Data Centers: Polluters or Just Consumers?

In an article at Network World, Patrick Thibodeau discusses a National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) report that takes the data center industry to task for ...

Why Passwords Won’t Die

The crusade against passwords has been raging for years, and as the capabilities of various devices increase, alternatives become more feasible. But the case for ...

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Women to Blaze Trails and Embrace STEM Careers

September 11th, 2014

I recently returned from vacation in Orlando, Florida, where I had the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Center for the first time. It was exciting to see our customers’ and partners’ logos lining the walls as reminders of what HPC has helped create. As I toured the launch sites and walked the halls of the exhibits, I was also filled with immense pride for the countless contributions of the women who served as trailblazers in spac[...]

How to Prevent a Data Doomsday

September 10th, 2014

“Virtualized data is fast becoming the new norm. No one can justify using storage like before” -Tim Gorman Gartner has famously noted the exponential growth of data and predicted a data doomsday. A data doomsday will mean, according to the research firm, that one-third of IT departments will face a data crisis by 2017. How can that data doomsday be avoided? Problem: Outdated Technology Although IT organizations have been struggling with growing data sizes for a while, they have largely been [...]

Talking Intellectual Property

September 9th, 2014

The ongoing technology patent wars, apparent abuses by patent trolls, absurd intellectual-property (IP) claims and so on have done at least one good thing: they have spurred growing discussion of the role of IP in law and the economy. A recently released paper by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University entitled “How Many Jobs Does Intellectual Property Create?” looks at some of the claims of IP proponents and argues that the espoused benefits of IP [...]

Modular Data Centers: Customized for Today’s Data, Flexible for Tomorrow’s Growth

September 8th, 2014

This article is part one of a five-part series by Stephen Madaffari, Principal of Data Centers Delivered, on the process by which businesses considering modular data center options should properly evaluate, review and implement solutions. With the convergence of social, mobile and cloud information, many companies ranging from midsize regional businesses to large multisite enterprises have seen an upsurge in their data usage for everything from data storage to online commerce. Last year, mobile-data traffic alone[...]

New Data Demands Require a New Storage Approach

September 4th, 2014

Today, the world is connected in more ways that anyone could have conceived of even a few years ago, all thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). IDC predicts that by 2020, 200 billion devices will be connected to each other and the Internet. Smart appliances track homeowners’ use patterns and automatically adjust their settings in response, and they send this data back to the manufacturer for R&D. Fitness wristbands monitor users’ activity levels, send rem[...]


Translating the Language of Network Security

September 5th, 2014

Like any field, network security has its own peculiar jargon that can make understanding the underlying concepts rather difficult. Furthermore, many IT professionals use acronyms and abbreviations to a fault, so the task of following the language can be doubly difficult, even to a veteran of another technology area. To..more...

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KnowBe4 Says Employee PC Wreaks Havoc in JP Morgan Hack

August 28th, 2014

The Wall Street Journal reported today that J.P. Morgan was hacked and suffered a cyberheist called “a significant breach of corporate computer security.” Bloomberg reported that the FBI, the US Sec..more...

GE Study: Wind Power Can Improve Resiliency of Electrical Grids

August 28th, 2014

At the CIGRE Session 45 in Paris, GE’s Energy Consulting business (NYSE: GE) presented the findings of its frequency response study on wind power and grid resiliency. The study, which w..more...

Active Power CleanSource 750HD UPS Significantly Improves Electrical Infrastructure Reliability

August 28th, 2014

According to a new UPS reliability assessment conducted by MTechnology, Inc., Active Power’s CleanSource 750HD UPS improves the reliability of mission critical electrical systems compared to a legacy UPS. The k..more...

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